what is fearless design?


For the last year and a half we have been designing and developing our new product which will launch soon. And it will be with a bang.





We are a strategic brand and design consultancy. We work with forward-thinking businesses to add value to their products and services.  

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a reality check for home and homestead insurance

ČSOB Pojíšt'ovna, one of the top Czech insurance providers, was facing alarmingly high number of clients leaving their otherwise much praised website and effectively ignoring a very competitive offer. We were invited to help them figure out the problem and suggest short-term and long-term solutions. The project was executed in October through November 2015 with participation and extraordinary contribution of the combined team of ČSOBP strategy consultants, researchers, product and digital marketing managers.



Zagreb - designing the smart city 

We held the first design thinking workshop where top engineers, designers, researchers and analysts from leading IT companies tried to come up with smart city solutions to improve the quality of transport in Zagreb.



bank and the czech new   adults

ČSOB, a member of the KBC Group and one of the largest banks in the Czech Republic, has already embraced  transformation as a great opportunity. We were happy to cooperate with them on a research and development project with the aim to figure out how becoming adult affects young people’s affair with money and how banking fits in their lives when they start earning and living on their own.





In addition to our client work, we have gathered a team of anthropologists, design researchers and social scientists to produce a series of reports tailoring specific industries like finance, insurance, telco, health and tourism and identifying and developing new business opportunities for brands. Make sure to stay in touch to find out about our first report.