what is design strategy?







Upgrading existing and developing new products and services is essential for maintaining the company’s vitality over time. Instead of imitating or innovating for the sake of innovation, we encourage our clients to consider the wider ecosystem and focus on customer experience and human insight in order to discover new potentials for growth.

Drawing from design, business, communications, anthropology and psychology, our strategic team takes on to uncover latent needs that people can’t yet articulate by conducting ethnographic research with present and potential customers in the context where they use or would use the product or service. By experience mapping along the customer journey we identify opportunities and issues the company should be addressing and design creative solutions that translate these solutions into viable business opportunities. 

We model those opportunities both experientially and financially, so that they can be tested by stakeholders and customers alike. We use rapid prototyping through much iteration until we produce actionable innovation strategies that present real growth possibilities and address a concrete market need.

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