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In the contemporary complex business environment few challenges are tougher than understanding what customers really desire and require. Traditionally, marketeers have relied on data gained through combination of quantitative and qualitative methods (such as surveys or focus groups). The growing digital capabilities of brands have enabled them to reach users on a variety of channels, gather their feedback instantaneously and develop new brand-research methodologies. While these new tools are important source of information, they are often ambiguous, shallow and decontextualised and successful product innovation or marketing strategies demand more than just snapshot information.

At 52:HOURS, we place huge importance on methodology. Our researchers are trained social scientists and design researchers, accustomed to fieldwork, and experienced in contextual observation and in-debth interviews. We combine quantitative and qualitative data with ethnographic research in order to gain a holistic picture of customers' life situations, their needs, behaviour and motivations which then inform the design, development and marketing of products and services.

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