It takes a purpose to be followed.

Ads are not enough


Brands that want to take advantage of content and programmatic marketing must deal with contexts that can’t be fully controlled and predicted. This challenge requires not only the mere use of marketing platforms and operating systems, but also strategies for intelligent advertising, PR, mobile, social and real-time marketing.

The unprecedented number of channels available to brands for communicating with their audiences presents a huge opportunity, but at the same time it complicates the lives of marketers who can’t rely on simplistic versions of branding anymore. Unless they manage to figure out the deeper purpose of their brand that allows for easy creation, transformation and adaptation of content across a wide range of touch-points, they will struggle to create a coherent and captivating brand experience.

Basically, knowing the purpose of your brand is the ability to create associations between the real world and the mental and emotional value of the so-called brand essence. As the real world is increasingly complex and fragmented it is crucial that brands come across certain what they stand for and that this resonates with the values and interests of their customers. But to achieve this, they must look for real human insights and build the brand culture from within, so that when they speak, it sounds not just credible, but inspiring, too.